The not so good friend

Once upon a time there lived a rabbit named John, along a side of a river.

John was a very jolly and kind rabbit but since there were very less animals on his side of the river , so he wanted to cross the river to make more friends . The problem was that John did not know how to swim. So he started to camp on the bank of the river and see if could find someone to help him cross.

One day while a tortoise was going to cross the river John asked him, “Oh, tortoise can you take me to the other side of the river” . The tortoise clearly said , “Of course Mr. Rabbit”. (the tortoise didn’t know the name of the rabbit). Both of them set themselves to cross the river. The river’s flow was very strong but the tortoise was equally steady. John, the rabbit was holding tortoise by its shell very tightly so that we doesn’t drown in the river. When they reached the other side the tortoise said, ” Mr. Rabbit, what’s your name and will you be a friend of mine.” The rabbit grinned and said, ” Of course , I will be happy to be your friend and you can call me John.” and he hugged him. “And my name is Julian.” said the tortoise, hugging his new friend back.

The two began there trip to find a place to settle down. Then they came to a lovely oasis where all the animals were settled. The decided to make it there new home. Days passed by and they were living happily. They both use to spend there time by playing together , plucking berries, eating and sharing food and lazing around the oasis. Since the tortoise was slow , the rabbit use to help him so he would not get bullied by other animals. He always use to get extra food for his friend tortoise.

One morning all the animals started running all of a sudden to the other side of the river. The rabbit who was in the burrow could not hear any thing but the tortoise did, IT WAS A FIRE ,A HUGE ONE ! Alarmed tortoise ran for his life and like all the others he also went to the other side . After he reached the other the tortoise remembered that he had left his best friend John . But it was too late to save him as unfortunately John died in the forest fire. When the news of John’s death spread, everyone was alarmed and shocked. After this incidence nobody became friends with the tortoise as they thought he would desert them too just like his did his best friend.



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