History of Couragea – Part III

Armed Forces of Couragea

Before I go deep in war , let me explain you about the regiments of the Couragean Armed Forces.

Speators: These are the soldiers with shields made of bronze, long spears for throwing and stabbing , Greek Helmets. Their spears can also be used as an axe. When they throw their spears on enemies they can use their dragger for fighting. The Speators are grouped in a formation of phalanx , which consists of 4000 soldiers. Their shields protect them as they make a barrier with it.

Archodons :Archodons are basically the archers of the army. They use English long bow the arrows can pierce into leather shields so they mostly come in use when we are at war with the Greeks and the quiver contains 120 arrows! one group consists of 16 Archodons. oh and when their arrows are no their they joined the Sworkills and use there small axes.

Sworkills : They are the soldiers who used leather shields and bronze swords for fighting. The hat they wore was with a triconed hat like in the American revolution period. A group consists of 200 of them.

The Life of a Couragean Soldier

In Couragea children choose a career for themselves, like doctors , soldiers, professors at the age of 10. Their training starts at the age of 10.5 yrs. During the training the day’s working hours is around 10 hours in which they physical trainings are ; body building exercises, stretching, running 10 kms every day, skipping . They also play these games for strength and agility , like Boxing, Wrestling, Tennis and Badminton.

For breakfast they eat two eggs, whole wheat breads , milk, fresh fruits from the farms, fresh cheese from the cow’s milk. Some of the fruits which we couragean’s love are Custard Apple ( Sir Francis Haddok’s favorite too), Pineapple , Grapes, Banana, Strawberries and their likes.

Once they reach the age of 18 they are put through a test , which is they have to survive a day and night in a desert. This will proof that they have enough strength to be a couragean soldier.


My name is Wilves I am a Couragean soldier this is the story of my life .

I [not to be confused with me Medhansh] was born to Marison James and Carcil James. My mother Carcil James was a violinist while my father was the royal adviser of Sir Wright Haddock iii. When I was 10 years my mother passed away and to earn money my father took me to the king for my training they first took a medical test on me I was fit so I started training in older class of army. After five years , I passed out from the Begghar Commanding Army College (BCAC) and I was commissioned as a Commander at the age of 15. I had the first taste of war when I was just 19! During one of the Bueafill Hill’s battle in 1789, I was awarded the prestigious, Haul of Creso, which was only given to the bravest soldier’s of Couragea. But after the few months of our victory celebrations , Bandits raided my hometown Griffin. Most of the soldiers were from Griffin and we together gave a tough fight to the bandits but I was injured badly and was in hospital for many months.

PS: The brave soldier Wiles James later succumbed to his injuries and passed away .

In this part I have told you about the Couragea army and a special story


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