My favourite books of 2020!

Hello everyone , I thought to give you all a short break from the ‘Stories of Couragea’. Hence ,today I am going to share about the best books I have read in year 2020. As you know because of the Pandemic, there was a lockdown and schools were closed and we were staying at home all the time. I was little bored so I started to read more books and also write my blog posts.

First I started to read E Books on my Kindle from Amar Chitra katha by Anant Pai. I read several books on history but then my mother told me to read other books apart from comics. Then we ordered book from Amazon which then added into my collection. So this post talks about my top 12 books which I loved reading in the year of Pandemic, 2020.

Please have a look into my recommendations.

1.Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys is a book in which there are inspiring stories of men who grew up to become great.
Some are men which I think you would already know , like J.R.D Tata the man who built tomorrow , A.R Rahman beyond boundaries , Anant Pai storyteller, atheist so on and I hope you like it. This book can be read my anyone who wants to get inspired by these famous Indian men.

2. The gods, heroes and monsters of Ancient Greece Mythology

This book is all about the mythology of Ancient Greece, like there DemiGods, Heroes, Monsters, Gods etc. The book also contains a some specimen artifacts and is pictorial. This book has some interesting stories like Trojan war , Hercules, how Perseus defeated the Gorgons, how Midas got donkey ears and many more.This book is fit for people who are curious to know about Greek Mythology.

3. The Thrifty Guide to Ancient Greece

In this book there are chapters on how to live is main city’s of Greece : Athens and Sparta. A Chapter on Alexander the Great of Macedonia, his conquests & battles . It also shares details about philosophers like Plato , Eratosthenes and so on. One important tip from the book to know is that ,Greece is the birth place of everything. To know more you have to read this.

4.The Thrifty Guide to Medieval Times

This book talks about the Barbarians , The game ;Soccer , Charles the first , Hundred year war which should be renamed because it lasted for 116 years and many more things. Oh! Not to forget and it also shares details about Vikings. If you are adventures , you would love this book.

5.Magic Tree House ; Abraham Lincoln

In this book has the story of Abraham Lincoln. It tells us about his life time, how he became the president of United States Of America , his hard work , honesty and many more interesting things. If you want to explore about American History this is a good starter.

6.Children’s History of India

This book talks about history of India! Yes our own country! How empires across India rose and fell. How Mughals conquered India, different clans of brave Rajputs. It has the details about the prosperous southern India, the Deccan . It also mentions about the brave Indian kings who defended their regions and territories from the invaders & traitors. Everyone in India should be reading this book.

7.Ancient Eygypt

Ancient Egypt ! I know what you are wondering . Yes! there are lots of amazing things like how to make a mummy , stories about Great Pharaohs like Ramses II and Tutankhamun , Egyptian Gods , Tombs and famous archeologist like Howard Carter. All those who want to learn more about the mysteries of Egypt would love this book.

8.Magic tree house ; 21 Civil War on Sunday

This book takes us to the Civil war times between South America and North America. It was the most bloody battle and it lasted for 4 years. Can you imagine that! If you like the American History book of Abraham Lincoln , you would love this too.

9.Ruskin Bond; Great stories for children

In this book there interesting stories written by Ruskin Bond, who is in my top ten list of favorite authors. The stories are around nature, children and their adventure. If you haven’t read Ruskin Bond , this is highly recommended for a quite reading time.

10.Heroes to be remembered

This book tells us about three heroes, Hemu – Paurav &Alexander – Baladitya & Yashodharam who risked their lives and didn’t think about their own safety. The stories are very inspiring and one of the stories also tells about not giving up come what may.

11.Legendary rulers of India

This book tells us about fifteen legendary kings who made India a better place. Some of these kings are Krishnadeva Raya , Akbar , Rana Pratap, Babur , Shah Jahan , Ranjit Singh and Ashoka. Highly recommend this to know more about out original heroes

12.Why, Answer of Everything

This book talks about world history, our body , technology, nature, universe . Overall anything and everything. You will of course love it as it as all your answers and the best part this is from National Geography making it more interesting. The pictures are wonderful and if you don’t like, you can always move to next chapter. Yes! this is my favorite book 🙂

Hope you all enjoy reading this blog post and my reading list recommendations.

On this note wishing you a very , very Happy New Year!

One comment

  1. A great collection Medansh 😀

    It’s such a great blessing to have access to a lot of books nowadays. Almost at your fingertips.
    It’s very nice of you to share your good reads from 2020.

    I grew up reading TinTin, Chacha Chaudhary, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. My source of books were my friends from neighborhood 😁 They were the Amazon of my times😀.

    Guess what! I still read these books 😊 Age is just a number right. 😁


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