History of Couragea – Part II

Hey Folks,

I hope you remember my last post, where I introduced my country Couragea. If you missed reading it , here is the link.

So now I am sharing it’s second part , hope you enjoy reading it just like the first one.

The War in the Indian Ocean ( Year 1750 AD)

Red Rakhem

The day was about to dawn and I , Sir Francis Haddok had defeated the King of England , Charles – II. When I was returning to Couragea in my ship , Revenge, with the acquired wealth ,Red Rakhem – II’s ship suddenly in my line of sight. Red Rakhem was a notorious Pirate who wanted to take revenge of his Great Grand Father’s death. Like the Vikings Raiders , Red Rakhem’s ship was coming very fast towards us. In about approximately 30 secs , both the ships were side to side. If you would have been there , you would have heard around 10 cannons fire at once. We had already engaged into the battle. Then Red Rakhem ordered one of his cannon man to fire at my ship’s sail, so that we could not move any further. By that time the ships were very close to each other. Both the sides put wooden planks on the enemy’s ship to cross over. Our men were fighting bravely but unfortunately we were no match with the fierce pirates, as we were out numbered. Then I saw Red Rakhem climbing on my ship too. I challenged him, “That , if you have met your match, you shall fight me” and he replied with a stronger voice, ” Prepare to die, Sir Francis Haddok”. For around 10 mins there were clashes of swords but then I suddenly saw a sail besides Red Rakhem. With my sword I chopped the sail and down fell the sail on Red Rakhem and he was no more alive. Finally Haddoks were victorious and we returned with the wealth of King of England and the Pirates.

The Lost City (Year 1910 AD)

The archaeologists have recently discovered a lost city in Bagger. Bagger is one of the most important cities of the modern civilisation of Couragea. The lost city’s name was Zuras and it was built in the duration of 1046 AD – 1073 AD. The moat was four mile (approx 6.5 kms) wide and 60 feet deep. It was discovered that Zuras was one of the holiest city in the history of Couragea, till the 13th century.

The mystery of how Sir Wright Haddok died (Year 1920 AD)

Sir Wright Haddok

Sir Wright Haddok was the leader when Courageans has fled from Barbedos. He told his men that we would take revenge from the Red Pennents and create our own country. He had a some special powers and he used it to create a country called Couragea. He however dies in year 1020 AD ruling only for 16 years. The reason why he died was unknown for many years. The experts archaeologists found no cause of his death, no disease and nor murder. They ruled out poisoning as all of them believed in the flag which depicts loyalty . Then we called for famous archeologist Harold Camroon. He however discovered that Sir Wright Haddok died of Poison. The servant who poisoned him, his name was Brachis. He killed him as he believed as Sir Wright Haddok did not care about the slaves. Earlier we Courageans were reluctant to trust him, but then when he showed us evidence we had no other option.

So these were some pieces from the great Couragean History and I hope you enjoyed reading these stories. I would sign off with a promise to bring you more such details from my country.

Do share your comments about how you found this.

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