History of Couragea – Part I

The history of my very own fantasy country , Couragea is very interesting. The name is inspired by the word Courage. It’s not like India which is very rich in minerals, but our leaders were very great conquerors  who expanded their territory through Asia, Europe and North America. But as we conquered we made more enemies so the rulers decided to have a peace treaty with our enemies in order to save our countrymen and still expand our power.

Introduction to Couragea

Starting of Couragea

Map of my country Couragea

The Courageans rose from an Island named Barbedos which was the home to the brave Haddocks . One early morning day the Red Pennits attacked the Haddocks and then Haddocks fled to a nearby island and made their own country Couragea. They protected their country with charms and spells and then gradually started to build their army.

The Leaders

Leaders of this new built country were referred as Sir and not King. The leaders rode a white , immortal horse called Pegasus . Pegasus is a Greek word because Greeks often came to trade their things at the port of Barbados which is an Island in the Atlantic ocean.

These are the leaders who ruled glorious Couragea

Sir Wright Haddock 1 (1000AD-  1016 AD)

Sir Cruise  Haddock 1 (1016 AD – 1066 AD)

Sir Lariya Haddock 1 ( 1066 AD – 1110 AD)

Sir Captain Haddock (1110 AD – 1190 AD)

Sir Alp Haddock 1 (1190 AD – 1230 AD)

Sir Wright Haddock 2 (1230 AD – 1330 AD)

Sir Lariya Haddock 2 (1330 AD  – 1400 AD)

Sir Cruise Haddock 2 ( 1400 AD – 1470 AD)

Sir Alp Haddock2  (1470 AD – 1560 AD)

Sir Wright Haddock  3 (1560 AD – 1590 AD)

Sir Archbell Haddock  (1590 AD – 1600 AD)

Sir Francis Haddock (1600 AD – Till date)

The Auto Biography of Sir Francis Haddock

I am Sir Francis Haddock , son of Sir Archbell Haddock the current ruler of Coruagea.  It is during my rule that the country has reached at its zenith of prosperity . We conquered India , Egypt and the Middle East were gold waited for us. We had a supreme military as so I along with my generals  we were able to the conquer  Russia, Britain and USA. He waged wars along with his ally King, the great Vihaan Singh of Bravia. He was the first Bravian King to ally with us and was interested in South Asia and South America. He had many friends but I only had Vihaan, so Vihaan told me that his friend can also be counted as mine. The great Vihaan Singh convinced them and finally they all became my allies. At this time I also had many Ministers, Governors and Generals too.

These are the list of my Generals

(The names are inspired by some historical leaders)

  1. Alexandro
  2. Naposean
  3. Julian
  4. Akrar
  5. Ahilya Singh
  6. Krishnan
  7. Raja Cholan
  8. Ranjrit Singh
  9. Harar Singh

These are the list of my Ministers, my Nine Jewels

  1. Barble
  2. Tannshen
  3. Abdulaah Faizi
  4. Fam Huein
  5. Platrom
  6. Kahidaas
  7. Maanman Singh
  8. Rana Jag Mal
  9. Tanmay Ram

Battle of Tanamshila

The battle fought in Tanamshila was the most bloddy one. It was fought between Sir Lriri Haddock and Red Rakham, the king who ruled the Red Pennent in 1250 AD. Red Rakham had 60 cannons and 2000 men while Sir Liriri Haddock had 50 cannons and 2000 men. Haddocks were victorious but they lost many men and it took years to recover.

Dress we wear

The Couragean kings when in the court wore simple Indian clothes with a golden crown. When at war they wore Greek soldier’s dress. People wore Indian dress with pagdi.

The Rules

The King rules fairly and wisely and he made laws .The law name is Haddock – Ri-Sa, which simply says ;

  1. If you have a problem you have to seek the king.
  2. You are not allowed to accuse the person without any reason.


People will have to pay 80 H to the king every year as a tax which was used to maintain army and take care of the people.In this time currency was called Harp. It was made out of Bronze and had the carving were of meditation poses and war, to signify peaceful attitude and bravery of our country.

Major Cities & Rivers

Capital State of Couragea is Griffondor and other important cites are Nox, Limunso, Rarak and Rasar 1. We have total 18 states all managed me along with my ministers. The longest river is Kori and the country is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean.

Flag & National Symbol

Flag for Couragea

The flag of Couragea depicts Red for Courage , Green for being Ambitious , Blue for Wit. Yellow for Loyalty and White for Peace. The eagle is because we Courageans loved Nature.

Sketch of National Symbol of Couragea

The significance for National symbols is that black and brown because there are dark times during wars and the crown depicts that the king will always protect its country and the four colors are as per the flag.

National Animal is a Reindeer and Bird is Peacock.

So this is some bit about my fantasy country Couragea which is inspired by the characters of Tin Tin, Harry Portter and my History books.

Hope you enjoy reading this.


  1. This boy is genius… Loved reading about Couragea. So detailed thought and each and every character 👌👌👌
    God bless you beta. Keep it up.

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