Book Review – 20 Dimensions of My Muse

A budding author meets a budding reviewer 🙂

Hello friends,my name is Medhansh Dwivedi today I am going to share a book review on 20 Dimensions of my muse.

I got the book on a night my dad’s friend shared the link then we brought the book.When I read it I liked it so much that I read 10 stories that very night.Oh and I all most forgot to tell the name of the author it is Advika Mishra she is based out of Bangalore and is 13 years old.

There are 20 titles in the book each of them are fiction and few of them are The library section, Separated Sisters,The man who quenched my thirst, the mellow sea. In fiction there are so many types of stories like horror, adventure, action and so sre the types of stories in this book which are adventure,funny and serious.

My favourite story was Siblings at war.In Siblings at war the author’s younger brother Aveer teases her . The author who is a teen and clever has to make her parents believe that she is the victim and not her brother then at last her parents believed that she is the victim.

So I enjoyed reading this book and I would really recommend you too. If you like it, don’t forget to leave a message or feedback for the author. you can find the book here.

This is my book review of the book 20 DIMENSIONS OF MY MUSE.

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