Magic Tree House : Vacation Under the Volcano

Book Summary Video

This is Medhansh and today I am going to share about the book I read, Magic Tree House series named ‘ Vacation under the Volcano’.

In the book, Jack and Annie visit a Roman town named Pompei. This was Jack and Annie’s first adventure as Master Librarians. They had to find the lost story of Hercules.

Pompeii had a mountain named as Mount Vesevius, which was a peaceful mountain for 800 years when suddenly on August 24 79 AD at noon it erupted into a deadly volcano. There was no running lava from Mount Vesuvius. The magma from the volcano cooled so fast that it froze into small greyish white rocks called Pumice. A great cloud on Pumice, ash and burning rocks shot miles into the air.

When it rained down at Pompeii, it completely buried the town. Jack and Annie ran to the bridge but then the bridge had fallen down into the river.They had no other option but to get into the river & they were stuck. Then Annie told Jack to give the book. Jack held up his bag , Annie took out the book said .. Book Save Us ! Book Save Us ! but nothing happened. Just then Jack & Annie heard a voice say “Rise my son” .

Jack had seen the most biggest Gladiator in his life !! It was none other than HERCULES!

He said get out of here , before it is too late !!!!

Jack & Annie went into the Tree House pointed at Pennsylvania & then Morgan told them about the book !!

Hope you liked the review of my book , wait for more to come as I read through the Corona times !

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