Mughlai Facts

Hey friends today I am going to share some forgotten facts from Moghul Dynasty!


Faith Matters!

When Humayun was twenty two years old , he fell ill . Babur his father became very sad. He took three rounds of his son praying to Allah to sacrifice his life for his son. The wish came true and Humayun was recovering and Babur was becoming ill.

Snow In Persia?

Did you know in Persia ( now Iran ) , it snows ! When Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah. , he went to Persia ( now Iran ) , to get help. At that time it was snowing. As it was very cold he was given hot soup to drink but it froze!

A Great King who refused to read & write

When Akbar was young , he refused to read or write but when he was elder but he grew to  learn many religions and languages !

Father Son Misunderstanding!

Jahangir did not have any affection for his father Akbar , because they had many misunderstanding that could not resolved.

Did not complete his dream!

Shah Jahan had a dream to build a black Taj Mahal , but he never fulfilled it!

What was their real name?

  • Mumtaz Mahal’s who was Shah Jahan’s wife , her real name was Arjumand Banu
  • Aurangzeb’s real name was Alamgir

Why was Aurangzeb cruel

There could have been many reasons , but I think so that Aurangzeb’s cruelty was because his father Shah Jahan did not let him become the king and wanted to make his eldest brother Darashikoh the king.

Too old to be a king!

Did you know Aurangzeb died at the age of 90! by that time his son Bahadur Shah Zafar became very old but still took our the reigns of Moghul throne during the period when English started to take over Delhi.

Who was the last ruler?

You may think that  Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last ruler of Moghul dynasty , but that is not true ! His son Shah Alam was the ruler of Moghul dynasty!

I hope you like reading my facts and blog , please comment and like. I will try to collect more stories and share !

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