The Story of Electricity

Hey Folks! Today I am going to tell you some facts about history of electricity. You must be thinking how would I know about this topic. Well because I like reading about History so one day when I went to Bargain Book Hut, I bought a book called ‘Story of Electricity’. This book tells how Electricity was discovered by some great Inventors , Scientists and Physicists.


From this post I want to share some untold stories which have been forgotten over years.

So let me ask you a question, ‘Who first invented light bulb?’

Hmm you must be thinking ‘Thomas Elva Edison’. Right?

But there is more to it. It is Joseph Swan ,a British Scientist who invented incandescent filament lamp and more scientists before him too but they were not successful. However most of the people know only about Edison as he was a very popular inventor in the 19th century.

There is a famous story from the Ancient Greek world but has been forgotten too.
The first spark of electricity was in Greece  when a man was rubbing a cloth against a rock. The  man’s name was Thales and he was a famous Greek philosopher of those times.

Do you know, in the mid seventeen century a German physicist, Otto Von Guerick made the first electric generator. He had a made a machine having a ball rubbing against a pad which produced static energy. But he was curious to know what those sparks were?

Some years later Jean-Antoine Nottel, a French wanted to test how fast does electricity travels. To test it on a fine spring day he lined 200 monks as one mile long queue with a conducting wire. Once the monks were properly aligned he switched on the switch ,then suddenly all the monks felt the shock at the same time. This meant that electricity traveled very fast even though it was one mile long distance. 

BF Again in the 18th century Benjamin Franklin was sitting under the rain. It was very stormy. Suddenly he saw lightning , he thought that lightning was a type of natural electricity . So another stormy day he took a kite and attached it with a key. Then he took a wire and put it into the ‘Leyden Jar’ . The lightning travelled through the string and the key , passed through the wire to the Leyden Jar. He also noticed that if the lightening struck anyone it would hurt a lot. So to test it , he at his home took long pointed iron rod and attached an iron chain with it and put it in the backyard soil . So at first when the lightning struck the pointed rod it would go to the rod , followed by the chain to the earth , hence it avoided hurting people. This is how Lighting rods which we see on our buildings was invented first by Benjamin Franklin.

So you see how different scientists had invented and discovered electricity in different parts. Some had failed , other has succeeded but their stories will be remembered. Why? Because they tried to make our lives easy while putting their lives and knowledge in exploring Electricity.


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