The Helpful Pet

Long ago there lived an old woman in a village. Her name was Mrs. Rose . She had pig named Snowey. She had adopted Snowey because the wolves near her village had eaten all her chicken and sheeps. pig 1So she wanted to have a pet whom wolves would not eat. Mrs Rose use to give him lot of freedom to roam around in the village and that is why Snowey , the pig had lot of affection for her.She also use to give Snowey a mud bath every day for ten minutes. Everyday they use to eat cornflakes together in the bran.

kids and pig

The village children liked to play with Snowey. They also covered themselves with mud to act like a pig. The villagers liked to feed Snowey and they were very fond of him.

One day something terrible happened to Mrs Rose…she felt sick and there was nobody to attend to her. Since in the village there were no phones she could not contact to any doctors too and was alone with Snowey.

Snowey ran for help around the neighborhood but no one was there so he could not get any help. While he was looking for help then he saw something red coming his way. When it came near , it was the car of city Mayor Mr. Johns! Mr. Johns was a nice man but what Snowey did was very brave !! He went and sat in middle of road so that Mr. Johns car would stop and he could ask help.

dog 1Snowey told Mr. Johns that his owner, Mrs Rose was sick and she needed help. Mr. Johns  recognized Snowey because he was friends of Mr John’s pet dog, Coffee. Coffee and Snowey use to hang around in Mrs Rose’s farm every weekend.

After listening to Snowey’s story the Mayor immediately  called for the ambulance. Then the ambulance took Mrs Rose to the hosptial. While she was in the hospital Snowey stayed with Mr. Johns in the village but he really missed this owner Mrs Rose everyday.

After one week Mrs Rose was healthy again and she came back home. The Mr John also gifted a phone to Mrs Rose so she can call anyone during emergencies.

Snowey & Mrs. Rose then lived happily ever after.

happy pig



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  1. Hi Medhansh Manas here.I wanted to tell you that your story was very nice and I enjoyed reading it. Please send more stories I will enjoy reading them. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


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