Tales From Lockdown…

As I finished by 3rd grade in February and eagerly waited for going to 4th grade , I got couple of weeks off..now it is a different thing that the break has become a lock down.

I was thinking to write this for some time but became lazy.

Med lockdown

So a month back when my session break was there, I learned a couple of things . There is Varsha Aunty in my neighbourhood who is really good at teaching cubes and I went to her every afternoon to learn different Rubik’s cube.

I am able to now solve many cubes like 3 by 3 , 2 by 2 , Pyraminx , Mirror layer 1 , Curve cube , Inferno cube and Gear cube. While I was busy trying to solve cubes , guess what happened … actually everybody knows now but still .. CORONA VIRUS ! By the way I was the person who reported about it first in my class when I was going from 3rd to 4th standard ( now I am in 4th standard ) .LDHP

In first ten days of my session break, I relaxed and read my favorite book Harry Potter . After ten days we went to Gurgaon for only two days ( Thursday and Friday ) as Saturday we had our PTM so had to be back early . In Gurgaon I went to my sister’s house , then we came back for PTM & I was a happy person , as my class teacher was very pleased with my performance and I had done well in 3rd grade. YAY !!!

This was around 8th of March , then we had Holi  on 10th , I was lucky to go and play with my friend downstairs and it was very exciting !! Then in that week I also made a mini-dosa  ( yummy tummy ,  I love dosa ) . I have also been preparing for my Math exam for IPM ( I know I have written a boring sentence )  but now CORONA VIRUS  has happened and I do not know when I will be able to take the exam. So that means, I have to keep studying for it more :(. We also went then to get my books for 4th grade and my Dadda helped me get it covered and all ready for school with my Mumma getting me new dress.


It was bothering me that school will open in April , but CORONA VIRUS  , was powerful to get that also closed .We now have online classes daily thanks to my teachers and principal mam , so I am able to study 4th grade subjects.My online classes started from 18th March and now its been one month . The class schedule is of two hours from 10 am to 12 pm , Monday to Friday. The subjects which are taught are Maths, Science , SST, English & Hindi (Literature and Language both). There are also graded subjects like PT, Marathi, Karate, Music, Art , Craft for which we get small videos which are of 1 to 12 minutes. And to not get bored and spend our time better, we have been given access to an Online Library from the school which has great collection of books. I have already read one book, Invisible Man by HG Wells.

Oh! I forget to mention that my Keyboard sir has also started an online class on Zoom and it is fun. Infact my skating coach has also given dry land workout skating videos to practice at home.

So here I am studying new books online but could not wear my new dress to school .. do not know when will this VIRUS go away …

If you read my blog .. tell me what you did or do in free time .. 🙂

After this post , I am going share another one which will a short fairy tale and also how I spend my Online Birthday.


  1. Good and best thoughts Medansh👌👌 I am enjoying lock down in my village. I will also write a blog.


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