The Beautiful Game

Hey friends today I am going to share about my favorite sport. Can you guess which is my favorite sport?

All right, let me give you some hints. The first hint is that it is an outdoor sport and it starts with letter F. Now can you tell. Yes! Correct! , it is Football.

IMG_20190514_174931 - Copy

I love football and these are the players I adore, Luis Suarez is a striker ; an Uruguyan Footballer, Nemar Jr is zn attacker; a Brazilian footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo is a forward ; Portuguese footballer, Lionel Messi is an attacker ; Argentinian Footballer, Mesut Ozil is an attacker mid fielder ; a German Footballer and my favorite club is FCB Barcelona.

Do you know football is the most popular game. 3.5 million people watch and play football. The FIFA world cup happens every 4 years. In the FIFA world cup different countries challenge each other and in the last FIFA World cup 2018 – Russia, France took the world cup. They played with Croatia in the finals and won the game by 4-2. Also France has won the world cup twice once in 2018 and earlier in 1998. The reason Football is called a beautiful game is that it is supported by people all over the world and not just one country.

Have you heard the song ‘Waving Flag’?

In this game there are 11 players from each team. One goal keeper and 10 outfield players who are defenders, mid-fielders and attackers.

med footbal love

Any guesses who is the god of Football? Its Pele; a Brazilian footballer .Ok now I am going to tell the names of some of the famous football clubs which you should know .They are Real Madrid from Spain, Paris Saint Germain from France, Juventus from Italy, Bayern Munich from Germany, Manchester United from UK, FC Barcelona from Spain again, Manchester City from UK, Liverpool from UK and  Arsenal FC from UK.

In football my favorite position is striker’s position. I play football in my school and with  friends in my society. This is the most popular game in our society. Here is my football team. Gauransh and  Aarsh do very good goal keeping whether the ball is fast or slow. Darsh is good attacker midfielder and forward too. Avignya , Manas are Akshat are all rounders. I however play good in defending and forward position.

med footbal

During my trip to Spain I went to see the Real Madrid club and brought one jersey of that club too, which is my favorite dress. All my readers who love Football , hope you enjoyed reading it.

And for now! Let’s rejoice the beautiful game


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