My trip to Jio Wonderland


During my winter vacations this year, my dad booked tickets for Jio Wonderland from Book My Show. This ticket was for Christmas Carnival named ‘Wonderland’ happening at Jio Gardens at BKC from 25th Dec to 30th Dec. Our ticket was for 27th Dec which was a Friday. We had an early bird pass , so my Dadda took an off from his Office to take me to Jio Wonderland.

On Friday we woke up early and dressed up to for a trip to Jio Garden. We had never been to Jio Garden, so I was excited to go there. We booked an Uber and reached BKC by 12:30 which was 1 hour 15 mins from our house. At the entrance they gave me a Jio Wonderland Passport and a map. In the passport we had to collect the stamps from all the activity stalls we went too.


As we went inside, there was a huge Christmas tree , as tall as a five floored apartment.Next to it was a Santa Claus and his elves. A volunteer assisted us to click us family picture with the huge Christmas tree. Then we went to my favorite activity stall by Blue Sparrows which conducts science parties and activities. In past, I have attended few of Blue Sparrows workshops and parties and enjoyed all of them. So I like visiting them.  This time I saw one new stall named Dinosaur Zone, I went inside and they gave me a real dinosaur tooth. After that we did our experiment of Volcano blast, Finding Dinosaur fossils in the sand etc.

After I coming out, I ate an Orange Ice Gola with my parents along with Cheese pop corn. We saw many fun rides around like Carousel, Wonder Eye, Techno Jump etc but I was more interested in the Bounce. In Bounce there was a huge Trampoline and we had to climb up the stairs and jump on the Trampoline. They had small Trampolines around also and after 3 big jumps on the big Trampoline, I went to the smaller ones. One of the volunteer showed me how to jump, sit down and come back again. I succeeded in learning that quickly and had lots of fun. Jio2

Next we went to the Arcade which was like Time Zone and I purchased one coin of Rs 100 to play a game of Jurassic Park. In that we had to shoot the Dragon and Dinos too. But sadly I lost that game. Meanwhile we heard the announcement of the Nitrogen show which was on the stage. In that they showed how they cool down Nitrogen gas into liquid which becomes very cold. Its temp is -210 degrees Celsius. This is very cold, even Penguins can’t survive this. It was so cold that it could freeze the objects in seconds and then we could break them easily. It was fun watching them too.

By this time I was hungry then we went to the Food Zone. The Food Zone  had a nice setting of tables and chairs. They also had sanitizers and tissue papers on the tables. We bought food from Boss Burger. I ordered Paneer Tikka Burger which they gave us, not with french fries but fryums. Next we went to Gelato Italiano and bought icecreams for us. I had my favorite Mango flavour. While my parents sat down to rest , they game me the passport and the card. Oh! I Forgot to tell the most important thing to all of you. THE CARD. We has a prepaid Jio Card which was used to give the money for the activities which we did, so no cash only card!jio6

With the Passport and Card I went ahead to play ‘hit-the-glass’ game in which I knocked off two glasses and Basket Ball in which I did 3 Baskets out of 5. By that time they had started the Aerial act and we hurried to find a place to sit and watch the show. It started with the Aerial drummers and then finished with a Mime Act. Both the acts were fun watching.

By the time Mime act finished it was 3:30 and we decided the leave. But I asked my mom if I could go inside the Hamleys shop. I went inside but there was no Lego of my choice , so I came back without buying any stuff. Oh! I wish they had some Legos too, but anyways my mom wouldn’t have bought it for me because she says I already have lot of them 🙂 . I am thankful to Ambani family for creating such a fun-filled place for kids like me to enjoy in their winter break !

On this note we came back home with Happy Memories and lots of Pictures.



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  1. Well written Medhansh. Good to hear that you had a family blast and it’s always nice that you have your family around when having fun


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