The Naughty Apple


One day my mother gave me some fruits to eat. There were three types of fruits; Apples, Banana and Pear. So when I was about to eat the Apple, it ran away and started jumping around the whole house.

I told my mother that my Apple was alive and its jumping around. My mother said, “ So funny you are! Now finish your fruits.” Then an idea flashed into my mind that after I finish my home work I will catch the apple….but I didn’t know where the apple was. All I knew that it must be somewhere in the house itself. Suddenly after a moment something started tickling me, I though it must be the Apple. I then saw it and held it tightly.

Once I finished my studies and was ready to eat the Apple and opened my hands the naughty Apple ran away again. Now I also ran behind him and soon he was tumbling on the stairs outside my house. I tried running after him as fast as I could but I slipped and hurt myself, not very badly though. However, the Apple turned left and soon he was out of the main gate of the society itself. I was very sad that I could not catch the apple and eat it as my parents don’t allow me to go outside the main gate alone.

Med n Apple

After all the funny catch ball game with the apple I was tired and heard my mother calling me for dinner. So I went back home. The next day while I was walking down to the school on the way I saw the Apple sleeping under a tree. I gently and quickly grabbed the apple with my hands washed it with my water bottle and kept it in my lunch box for short break. In the school when I opened my lunch box the Apple quickly ran away again. But thank god the doors and windows were closed so it could not go out of the class. I went like a sliding penguin on my belly and caught the apple with both my hands and this time without wasting any more time I ate the naughty apple.

But wait! don’t think that I am non vegetarian because this is just a story.

PS: This story is inspired by a beautiful story writing gift which I received from Story Space in my goodie bag from #RDChallenge after I completed my #21DaysNoJunkFood.

This was first published here.Thank you Story Space for the lovely gift!

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