How I Spend My Independence Day Holiday

This Independence Day I woke up early around 8:00 . Then I was very excited to go for the flag hosting at 9:00. So, I first took bath then went down to sing the National Anthem!


When I came down I didn’t see my friends so I went to find them because they are always earlier than me for flag hosting . Actually, they were present but hiding so that they could scare me , so when I turned around again to look on other side , they all together scared with a loud noise! After this , we all went to sing the National Anthem. When it was over , there was breakfast arranged in our block and we had breakfast . We all played cricket and game of atlas. It was a fulfilled first half of my morning!


15th August was not only Independence Day this time but also we had the festival Rakshabhandan. My cook aunty has a daughter who is very elder to me , as I do not have any of my sisters living nearby she comes every year to tie Rakhi to me. In Rakhi there is a plate decorated with various Rakhis and one gets to eat sweets too. My mom brought the Rakhi plate and then she put a tika made of rice and red powder. After that she tied me the Rakhi she had bought and also all the other rakhis which were send to me by my sisters by post. We then clicked some photos and you can see them here;

Mission Mangal

In afternoon we got ready to go and watch the movie Misson Mangal , in that the main actor is Akshay Kumar. The movie showed us how a group of women scientists came together to do a project for sending a satellite to Mars. It was a nice movie where I could see how a satellite is made , put on a rocket and then send to space. It was exciting to see the movie and in the end I got to see Mars photos also. The movie finished by around 6:00 pm and returned back home. My friends were playing so , I spent some time with them before going to sleep 9:00 pm after having my dinner.

I like my holiday as it was three different things I did in just one day from being part of the kids singing National Anthem , to celebrating Rakshabhandan and then seeing a nice movie!

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