My Convertible Pen Stand!

pen stand

One day I went to school and the teacher told us that there is a craft exhibition in our school on 14 April 2018 , Saturday which is a week-end. I was told about this on Thursday by my teacher and then I informed my mother after school that their is a craft exhibition . We could not go to market on the same day because I have my skating classes on every Thursdays. Though I could not buy anything for the craft exhibition but I was able to register my participation to my teacher on Friday morning itself.

When  I came back from school on Friday , in evening I told my mother for making a convertible pen-stand from a used  plastic bottle . We went to the market and brought some stickers, smiles, googly eyes then my mother asked me, What is a convertible pen stand?  I explained my mother that it can convert or used in different ways , eg; as a vase ,  a decoration piece , for storing coins , keeping my crayons etc . She liked my idea :).

Next morning I went to school and there was a big table kept in the exhibition room.I displayed my pen stand along with all the things other kids had made and sat down on  a chair next to my project. All my friends came over to see what I had made and they liked it very much. I felt happy when my friends appreciated me. After some time the judge came to everyone I was the last child in the row, he saw mine then he went away.writing

We all left for home happily and the next day teacher announced the winners .My Convertible Pen Stand too was selected. I was very thrilled to know that and when my mother came to know about it she too gave me a tight hug and we celebrated it with a good family dinner.

PS: This story is a piece of fiction but inspired by my real experience.


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