A Day With My Dadda

Happy Father’s Day Dadda! I love you!

Lunch outing with Dadda

For all those who don’t know, I call my father; Dadda! Since today is Father’s Day so I am dedicating my third blog to my Dadda.

One day my mother had some work in Pune, so she went to out of station and in the house, I was alone with my Dadda. Now we will begin the story from here…Since my mother was not there to disturb our sleep on a Saturday, we kept on sleeping for hours and hours and woke up very late around 10 o’clock.  Oh! I forgot to tell my father’s name because you already know me name, but in case if you’re a new on my blog, my name is Medhansh and my father’s name is Abhishek.

Enjoying Vacations with Dadda

So, after getting up we were too lazy to make breakfast hence we went walking to the nearby Dosa Shop. As we walked our way we started feeling fresh. We ordered Soft Dosa and Medu Wada and ate it at the shop itself. After having good breakfast, we came back home and we played with lego blocks for two hours. Dadda helped me to make Ninja racing bikes. After playing we took bath and till that time the lunch was ready, so we ate the food together. During lunch we played quiz, Atlas and other oral games. I want to tell you a special thing about my Dadda that he is very funny, and he cracks jokes with me, which make me laugh a lot.

Watching Cricket with Dadda

After lunch we saw a movie called Lego-Ninjago on Netflix and it was amazing. While we were watching the series Master of Spinjitzu, I explained Dadda that Sensei Wu was the master of the Airjitzu. Dadda was enjoying watching the movie with me.  In the evening I was too hungry, and my stomach was starving, so when I told me Dadda about it he made popcorn with butter and I ate all of it.

Clicking Pics with Dadda

Later I went downstairs to play and when I came back home, we decided to go to a restaurant named, Golden Punjab. We ordered Tomato Soup, Butter Chapati, Paneer Makhanwala and after that we ate an ice cream. At night we watched a video and slept together while the video kept running in loop. When we woke up the videos were still on and we got surprised but then Dadda switched it off and we went back to sleep. Next day when my mother came back I told her all what we did, and the funniest thing was the video running all night.

We all had a good laugh and the loudest laugh was of my Dadda!

Once again, a very Happy Birthday…oh ho…sorry Happy Father’s Day Dadda!

Yours Manshu 🙂

Happy Dadda Day!


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