How I Won After Losing

Hey Everyone, after my first blog here is my second blog HOW I WON AFTER LOSING in a skating competition. I have been speed-skating at Skating-Star-Academy since last 3 years. From 2018 onwards, I have been participating in different skating competitions and won many of them.

Khapoli Skating Rink

One day my coach, Mr. Predeep Singh informed that there is a competition on 21st of April in Vashi at Fr. Agnel’s School. My mother filled up the form and gave it to my coach and he registered my name in the list. I practiced for the competition and looked forward to win it. But on the day of competition when I woke up, I had a swollen right eye and when my mother saw it she got worried. We then rushed to the doctor, who gave me medicines.

The timing was 3:00pm but we reached at 2:00pm in the afternoon. I am 8 years old but I had to participate in U11 group. The reporting time was 3:00pm so when I went into the rink the managing officers made two groups, one of girls and others of boys. Now further again three groups in boys and two in girls were made. Then we were told the rules of the competition.

Afterwards when my group’s turn came, I qualified the first heat.Oh! I forgot to tell that we were informed that there will be  two races, Long race of 10 “LAPS” and short race of 5 “LAPS’’. However in the long race final, I was feeling tired and I lost the long race final. I was very upset and feeling bad but I promised myself that I will win short race.

Happy Me

In short race again I qualified and I was ready to make it for the finals. When the race started I had my own academy player who is one of the fastest skater and we were both in finals. So as I was on 6th position with few skaters behind me, he was on 2nd position and there were other skaters too who were leading in the race. Everyone was cheering for him because no one could see me coming from outer while some other skater blocked him and the others behind him. In between there was one skater who was just before me and he slipped on the rink missing his turn. I took the advantage and covered the race by finishing at the 2nd position.  Not just me even my friends, my mother and coach were surprised by my win.

So this is my story of ‘How I won after Losing’!

Hope you enjoyed reading it.


  1. Throughly enjoyed reading your blog. Very well written. Winning the race was picturesque. Keep writing. I will keep reading


  2. Your narration is super Medhansh 👍🏼😊

    Although people were cheering for the one who was fastest, popular and sure to win, you did not loose heart and stayed focused.
    That’s a great nugget for us grownups too 😀


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