My Summer Vacation of 2019

During this summer vacation we went to Portugal and Spain. We went via Dubai then after 2 hours we flew to Lisbon, Portugal. By the time we reached the time in Lisbon was 7:30 P.M. We then boarded the tour bus of Thomas Cook which took us to India gate restaurant for a quick dinner and I liked the food there. Then he took us to the hotel.

Belem Tower, Lisbon

Next day we ate our breakfast and then boarded the bus for our city tour and we saw Belem tower, Jerinimos Monastery; where they have kept the ashes of Vasco – Da – Gama, Sintra, Cape Roca; Europe’s western most point, Cascais; the beach town. It all seemed like a different world and after all this beautiful site seeing we next travelled to Spain with our group of Thomas Cook.

Jerinimos Monastery, Lisbon

Our trip was a guided tour and we had few more Indian families in our bus. I was very delighted to have kids of my age and I happened to make lot many new friends from different parts of India. We all had great time together playing lot many games in the bus and outside too.

Plaza de Espana

In Spain we went to Seville Church,Plaza de Espana horse carriage ride ,saw Flumenco dance. Next we went to Granda where we saw, Alhambra and General Life which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

General Life ; Alhambra

After this we went to Ronda where we saw old castles, saw a lady of peace prosession, White wash village, took pictures from Puento Nuevo Bridge and in the end,  we took a Toto ride of the city too.

White wash Village , Ronda

The next day we started for the Fortress city, Toledo. We reached by afternoon and then went on a walking tour. We saw many churches, shopped a Red Toledo cap and ate my favorite ice cream. Ice-creams all over the Spain and Portugal tasted so very yum that we had two of them almost every day.  

Real Madrid Stadium, Spain

After this our trip next reached to the to capital city of Spain, Madrid . Here we visited some very exciting places like the Royal Palace of Madrid, the world’s best football club; Real Madrid , One of the first Bull fight rinks and some other important sites in the city. We also had some local food like Pallela, Tortilla de Patatas’ ; Spanish Omellete and drank refreshing and fresh Orange Juice.

Valencia, City of Arts and Science

Next we went to Valencia where we saw a flower bridge, science and art city. We went and took a tour of the Science Museum where we saw many amazing science models and experiments. My favorite was where we heard how we would sound in Mars and other planets. From Valencia the next day we straight away headed towards Ferrari Land in Port Aventura. All of us had great time exploring the fun rides and knowing more about the fastest racing car, The Ferrari!

At the Ferrari Land

Next we went to Barcelona where we had leisure time at saw Ra Lambra. I had fun watching city acts and my mother shopped some souvenirs. We also visited the Arenas Espana which was earlier a Bull Fight rink but after the fights were banned in Barcelona it was turned into a shopping mall. In the evening it was raining but still we went to Montserrat and took a Funicular Train Ride too. We also visited Sagrada Familia, one of the most beautiful churches which is going to be the tallest church in the world once it is complete. It is said that it will be taller than even the St Peter’s at Vatican City.

Sagrada Familia

On our last day of the trip which was in Barcelona we visited my dad’s friend’s place in Catalonia where I made new friends Victor and Shasha and we all had good time at Galina Aunty’s place.

Happy Times

In the night we took our flight back home via Dubai and came back to Mumbai with lots of happy memories and pictures.


  1. Lovely, so good to see a writer in the making. Post and pics made me nostalgic of my trip 🙂


  2. Medhansh , you write very well. Your writing is very simple and lucid . Loved it . Keep writing . Would love to read more from you.
    Best wishes always Kinnari Aunty


  3. Dear Medhansh, it was lovely reading your vacation journal. Thank you for sharing insights and your pics speak about the fun that you had!

    This post makes us plan a trip to Spain 🙂


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